July 19th, 2020 Newsletter

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It’s been a while…

Well hasn’t it been a crazy year so far? I’m hoping all of my photo groupies are doing well. Here I was expecting 2020 to be like The Jetsons, and we get The Andromeda Strain instead. May is usually the month that we start traveling, taking long weekends, and generally getting out of the house as often as possible. So here it is July and I’m wondering where the year went. I think I’ve set a record for fewest miles put on a car in a year since 1989! As such I haven’t had a lot to say, but I have made a few new entries to my web log since the last newsletter I sent out.

I posted a lot of new photos in January, most from our 2019 Yellowstone trip but quite a lot of old gems that I uncovered while looking through photos from my Thirty Years of Photography series. You’ll find those in my “New Uploads for January 2020 – October 2019” post. I also put a collection of car show pictures together in my “The Art of the Automobile” post, added a collection of photos shot with my fisheye lens in “Featured Collection: 10.5mm Fisheye Photos,” and told the tale of how I created my lighthouse image in “When Mistakes Go Right.” I had another set of new photos from the Merced National Wildlife Refuge and some adorable sea otters in Morro Bay in “New Uploads for March, 2020.” Seeing as how I wasn’t going anywhere, my big project after that was to convert the tale and photos from my 2006 Amtrak odyssey around the western United States from my old Trainwacko.com site and post it on my blog as a six part series: “8088 Miles by Train.”

My latest entry isn’t full of pretty pictures, or even a story. It’s my incredibly long “The Places I’ve Been, The Things I’ve Seen” list of all of my travels from 1989 through today. You’ll see the places I visited on my 34 road trips, eight train trips, seven cruises, and seven plane trips.  There are lists of the 34 U.S. National Parks I have visited (plus one tribal park,) fourteen National Monuments, thirteen foreign National Parks, and a handful of National Wildlife Refuges. On top of all that there are all of the countries that I have visited, plus a hopelessly incomplete list of cities and landmarks that I’ve seen. I wrote it for myself and only later decided to post it, but if you’re interested in what 30 years and a strong desire to explore gets you – well, there it is.

That’s all for now. I don’t know what else this year has in store for us all. September’s planned trip to Banff National Park in Canada looks to have been put off indefinitely, and I don’t plan on getting on a plane or a cruise ship for a looooooong time. We’ll see, and if anything exciting happens I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Take care, wear your masks, and hopefully I’ll have new photos and tales soon.

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  1. Ed

    Aloha Darin… Beth and i were wondering what you’ve doing. We will be following you a little closer. Ron and Mary kept telling us you were traveling. Now will join you vicariously… Always, Ed and Beth Coppola

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