2021 Pacific Northwest Road Trip: Part II – North Cascades to the Oregon Border

This is Part II. Part I is available here. A Change of Plans We had reservations for a campsite near Port Angeles, Washington, on the north part of the Olympic Peninsula, but the weather reports for the next night told of impending rain. I wasn’t too keen on the idea …

2021 Pacific Northwest Road Trip: Part I – North to Olympic National Park

With COVID-19 keeping travel to a minimum since early 2020, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2021 that we started seriously considering that we might actually be able to go somewhere this year. Cruises were obviously out, and I wasn’t about to get on an airplane either. So, a road …

National Parks We Love – Our Top Five* List

(With guest contributor, KJ Swan of swantrek.com.) National Parks are the greatest destinations in the United States of America. From the 8.3 million acre Wrangell-St. Elias in Alaska to the tiny 91 acre Gateway Arch in Missouri, National Parks preserve and protect over 130,000 square miles of American soil. There …

Featured Collection: Trains at Tehachapi Pass

This is a companion piece to my blog post “Railfanning the Tehachapi Loop and Surrounding Area.” These are all the photos from my two October 2020 trips to the Tehachapi Loop and points nearby.

"Building America" [Union Pacific Freight Train and Cement Plant in Monolith, California]

UP 8773 at the Lehigh Cement Company in Monolith, CA, about 3 miles east of Tehachapi.

"Bells and Whistles" [Union Pacific Freight Train at Railroad Crossing in Caliente, California]

…Four hours later it was, at the crossing in Caliente.

"Sign of the Times" [Union Pacific Freight Train at a Grade Crossing in Caliente, California]

A GE ET44AH and a GE ES44AC pull a Union Pacific intermodal train through the crossing on the horseshoe curve in Caliente.

"Rounding the Horseshoe" [Union Pacific Freight Train in Caliente, California]

UP 8773 got to the Caliente crossing about 15 minutes after the 2583. Both photos were shot with my 11-16mm Tokina.

"Three Kinds of Pumpkin" [BNSF Freight Locomotives in Bealville, California]

Two views of BNSF 5732. Here it is approaching the crossing in Bealville.

"The Great Pumpkin" [BNSF GE AC4400CW in Caliente, California]

Here it is at the crossing in Caliente an hour and a half later.

"The Slow Climb" [BNSF GE ES44AC in Bealville, California]

BNSF 3732 passed through Bealville at 3:03pm…

"I've Been Working on the Railroad" [BNSF and Union Pacific Trains in Caliente, California]

…and got to Caliente at 4:35pm. The train on the left is a Union Pacific work train.

"How Many Trains?" [BNSF Freight Train on the Tehachapi Loop, California]

Both sides of the Tehachapi Loop. This train is wrapped all the way around on its way up the grade, photograhed from the top of the overlook looking toward the inside of the loop…

"Peeking Out From Below" [Union Pacific Freight Train on The Tehachapi Loop, California]

…and this Union Pacific train has looped under itself and is exiting the tunnel on the outside of the loop.

"Twists and Turns" [BNSF Intermodal Train in the Tehachapi Mountains, California]

The train in the tunnel is a westbound Union Pacific. The back of the eastbound BNSF intermodal train is still working its way around the Tehachapi Loop as the locomotives pass Tunnel 10.

"Trains That Pass in the Day" [Two Freight Trains in the Tehachapi Mountains, California]

A wider view of the same scene. The second locomotive is still painted in the old Santa Fe red and silver “warbonnet.”

"October Pumpkins" [BNSF ES44AC Locomotives in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]

This is a General Electric ES44AC…

"Comin' 'Round the Bend" [BNSF ES44C4 Locomotives in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]

…and this is a GE ES44C4. Can you spot the differences?

"BNSF" [General Electric ES44AC Locomotive in The Tehachapi Mountains, California]

Eastbound BNSF 5836 approaching tunnel 2.

"One-Hundred Truck Convoy" [BNSF Inter-Modal Train in The Tehachapi Mountains, California]

BNSF 5835 shot just a few seconds before the last photo, just prior to reaching the turn.

Below are the rest of the photos from my October 2020 trip to photograph trains on the Tehachapi Loop and surrounding areas.

"Hot and Cold Running Train" [BNSF Freight Train in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]
"With A Little Help From My Friends" [GE ES44C4 & C44-9W Locomotives near Caliente, California]
"The Little Engines That Could" [BNSF Freight Train in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]
"Locomotive Breath" [BNSF Freight Train in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]
"Blue Wings" [Union Pacific AC45CTE & SD70ACe in The Tehahapi Mountains, California]
"Stop, Look, and Listen" [BNSF ES44AC and EMD SD70ACe at a Grade Crossing in Caliente, California]