Featured Collection: MRI Digital Artwork

This collection is a bit different than what you’re used to seeing on my site. In 2017 I got access to a CD containing a set of full head MRI images. These low-resolution images inspired me to play with some Photoshop filters just to see what I could create from them. My first effort was “Stay Out of my Head.” Once I found I could manipulate them enough that I could enlarge them to printable size, I kept creating.

Food for Thought -- MRI Digital Art

What do you do when you have a bad photo of a beachside picnic table and BBQ grill? Turn it into a lovely place where one can get some piece of mind!

Fury -- MRI Digtal Art

I’m not sure why I created Fury – I’m usually a pretty mellow guy. Something must have been going on in my own brain, though, and seeing this completed made me think I might need to see a therapist.

One-way Conversation -- Digital Art From An Mri Scan Of A Human Head

One-Way Conversation was inspired by the events leading up to and including the unfortunate events of November, 2016.

Sensory Overload -- MRI Digital Art

Sensory Overload is my representation of overwhelm of light, smells, and sound experienced by the autistic mind.

Inflexible -- Digital Art From An Mri Scan Of A Human Brain

Ideas can get so frozen in a person’s mind that it becomes impossible to adapt to a changing world.

Inner Light -- Mri Digital Art

After such pieces as Fury and Self-Inflicted, I decided I needed to lighten up a bit and create something a bit more positive. Inner Light was the result.

Self-Inflicted -- MRI Digital Art

Self doubt and self incrimination are nasty emotions that are suffered most by those who least deserve it.

Stay Out Of My Head - MRI Digital Art

I didn’t have a plan when starting this piece. I just started adding color and texture, but as the brain seemed to get wrapped in plastic, the spikes to add more protection just seemed to come naturally.

Creativity - MRI Digital Art

I created Creativity to convey the thought that artistic expression cannot be contained, be it photography, painting, writing, or any other artistic expression.