July 1, 2019 Newsletter

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30 Years of Photography

Not long ago I realized that 2019 means I’ve been taking photos for 30 years, so I’m putting together a blog series commemorating those first 30 Years of Photography. The first installment is coming on July 15th: 1989 to1999. It starts with the first picture from my first roll of film and progresses through the decade. Join me in going back in time to see how I went from shooting pictures of my cat to developing my way of seeing things. You’ll see lots of early pictures that I’ve never shared before, and while most are not spectacular (or even good at all) they will take you on a trip that includes local sites and journeys across the United States from sea to shining sea.

So be sure to drop by dvtwist.com on July 15th and watch my journey unfold.

Something Different

I have something a bit different to show you this month. Back in 2016 I found myself with a CD containing a complete set of MRI images. I took those tiny grayscale images and created a series of nine digital art pieces representing such concepts as ignorance, anger, self incrimination, inflexibility, autistic sensory overload, creativity, enlightenment, and more food for thought.

Take a peek inside my head (well, not my head) in my blog entries below.

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