Trying My Hand at Digital Art

“One-Way Conversation” – Digital Artwork from an MRI Scan.

"One-Way Conversation" by Darin Volpe [Digital Art From an MRI Scan of a Human Head]

This is one of my few attempts at digital artwork. In 2016 I had the opportunity to gain access to a complete series of MRI scans of a human head. The more I played with the the images in the MRI viewing software, the more I wanted to try to do something with them. I ran a few of the images through some Photoshop filters just to try to see what I might come up with that would mask that these were incredibly low-res images that I had to upsize more than I had any business trying.

In November of 2016 events occurred that sparked the idea for “One-Way Conversation.” Open minds and rational conversation seemed to become a thing of the past, and I wanted to create something to convey my feelings about where things had gone. I came up with the idea of a brain wrapped in plastic to prevent any absorbing of new ideas. Spikes on the skull provided additional defense. With the brain in no danger of contamination, the mouth was free to spew its unenlightened toxicity into the world.

My site is still primarily a photography blog and store, but I like to think my brain isn’t so shrink-wrapped that I can’t expand my horizons from time to time.

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