Featured Collection: People at Work

"Gripman" [Cable Car Operator in San Francisco, California]

Cable car operator in San Francisco, California

"Never Surrender" [24 Hours of LeMons Track Official at Sonoma Raceway, California]

Race official at the 24 Hours of Lemons race, Sonoma, California

"Feria del Agricultor" [Vendor at a Farmers' Market in San Jose, Costa Rica]

Farmer’s market in San Jose, Costa Rica

"Keep it Clean" [Window Washer in Chicago, Illinois]

Window washer in Chicago, Illinois

"My Future's So Bright I've Got to Wear Shades" [Street Musician in San Luis Obispo, California]

Street musician in San Luis Obispo, California

Your Goose is Cooked -- Chinese Restaurant Kitchen in San Francisco's Chinatown, California

Cook in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, California

"Dam Workers" [Workers at Hoover Dam in Black Canyon, Nevada]

Workers at Hoover Dam, Nevada

"Fill 'er Up" [Workman Aboard a Fuel Tanker in Halifax, Nova Scotia]

Workman aboard a fuel tanker, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Tickets Please" [Railroad Conductor in Portland, Oregon]

Railroad conductor in Portland, Oregon

"Street Orchard" [Street Vendor in New York City, New York]

Street vendor in New York, New York

"Two Heads Are Better Than One" [Wildlife Photographers in Atascadero, California]

Photographers in Atascadero, California

"Sea Hunters" [Fishermen on a Boat in Castries, St. Lucia]

Fishermen in Castries, St. Lucia

"Elbow Grease" [Volunteer Polishing an Airplane in Paso Robles, California]

Volunteer at the Estrella Warbirds Museum, Paso Robles, California

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