August 3rd, 2019 Newsletter

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30 Years of Photography Continues

Did you get a chance to read Part I of my 30 Years of Photography series? If not then you missed out on my first 10 years of travels near and far, including my first ever trip to a National Park and a selfie that I took back in 1989 before selfies were a thing.

Watch for Part II to see the next decade – 2000-2009. My travels continue and the photos keep getting better. So drop by on August 15th and watch my journeys unfold.

Upcoming Travels

Back in January I hinted that there would be a trip in our future. Well, plane tickets are purchased, hotels are reserved, and on August 31st we fly to Salt Lake City, Utah where we’ll pick up a car and head off for a week to Craters of the Moon National Monument, Yellowstone National Park, and points between. It might be hard to believe that in all my years of travel I hadn’t made it out to America’s first national park until now. Especially when you consider that back in 1991 my cousin and I made it all the way to Craters of the Moon, only 200 miles shy of the park. Watch for photos to start trickling onto my Facebook page and this website in mid to late August – if I’m lucky I’ll get a shot of Yogi & Boo Boo.

New for July

Be sure to visit my New Uploads for July blog post to see all of my latest photos. I know many of you follow me on Facebook, but I don’t necessarily post everything to my Facebook page so my New Uploads posts are the only place you can be sure to see my best pictures.

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