Things I’ve Collected Along the Way

I started collecting souvenirs from the places I’ve traveled on a train trip to Montana in 2006. Not all of them, I’d only get something if I really liked it, something happened to be easy to come by, or if the place was so significant that I’d settle for a shot glass. On later trips I’d collect items that weren’t official souvenirs, but that somehow fit – the rocks from Alaska, for example. The only thing I have from before 2006 is the head from Costa Rica. I’ve broken it up into two categories – one for trinkets and one for t-shirts.

This first set is from my pre-COVID travels: 1998 to 2019. They were all photographed as a single project while lockdown kept me from traveling, which is why they all have a uniform style. If we ever get to travel again, I’ll be adding to this page as I collect new trinkets.

Please tell me which is your favorite in the comments below!



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