Grand Opening Sale

All Photos Available On Products

I usually don’t offer my photos except as prints and greeting cards, but from now until Christmas all of my photos are available on iPhone cases, coffee mugs, towels, and more at only $1 over my cost. You won’t find a better deal from anyone unless they were making no profit on them at all! Who would do something crazy like that? Read on!

Amazing! Up to $200 Off Promo Now to Christmas!

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to my store and add what you want to buy to your cart.
  • When you’re checking out, find the “Discount Code” box on the lower-right next to the address information and below the pricing. Don’t confuse it with the “Gift Certificate” box – it’s the next one down.
  • Enter your discount code there and click “Apply to Order”
  • The amount of your discount will appear below and the price will update above.

Buy how do I know how much I’ll get off BEFORE I check out?

This is where it gets weird. All of my products are printed by a “Print on Demand” service. Basically, that means that when you buy one of my photos the order goes to the printer, they charge you, and I get my cut from them. That means that my promo code only applies to “my cut,” – not including frames, mats, accessories, and so on – so if you buy a $32 print and my cut is $20 you get $20 off. If you buy an $800 canvas print and my cut is $250, you get $200 off. If you buy a coffee mug my cut is $1, so you only get $1 off.

What if I buy 300 coffee cups?

My promo code is on your entire cart, so if you buy 300 coffee cups and my cut is $1 each, you get $200 off. Same if you buy any combination of prints, products, or whatever. So buy bigger or buy more to get the most discount.

Ok, but how do I know what your cut is?

You can find my cut by going to any of my photos, selecting the product and size you want, and clicking the little “Show Price Details” link under the price, then look at the price in the “Print” section as shown below. As of 12/1/2018 that number is $5.00 over my cut, so for this example you’d get $20 off, and if you bought two you’d get $40 off.

But mugs, iPhone cases, and other stuff doesn’t have a “Show Price Details” link!

I rarely sell anything other than art prints and greeting cards. If I have mugs, iPhone cases, and such I always put them in for $1 just as a special deal. My cut on greeting cards is about $3.

What if I only get $100 off this purchase, can I come back and use the remaining $100 later?

Actually, this promo code is for unlimited uses until the expiration date. You can come back and plug the code in next time and get another $200 off!

You’re nuts! You mean you’re not making anything off this deal?

That’s right. I am nuts. I’m just doing this because I want to give anyone who finds my new website the chance to buy a nice photograph for themselves or their family and friends for the lowest possible price. All I’m hoping is that they come back another day without a discount code or share my code with someone else who will come back again.

Don’t Wait!

Remember, all this ends on December 25th, so visit my store now!

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